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At last count Phu Quoc had 75 resorts and hotels comprising about 2000 rooms, and these figures are rising practically every day. Most of Phu Quoc’s accommodation facilities are located on Long Beach, and they range in price from US$10 a night for basic bungalows to more than US$500 a night for a luxurious suite at a five-star resort. People familiar with Vietnam know that accommodation on Phu Quoc is more expensive than on the mainland, and that the conditions are a little more primitive. By international standards, however, Phu Quoc is still a bargain, and a great escape.

The best things in life are free, and you can experience that anytime you walk along a Phu Quoc beach. One growth sector in Phu Quoc accommodation is eco-tourism, and there are many "environmentally friendly" hotels, some of them boasting claims which are clearly greenwash, but many of which are sincere. Before you choose a hotel on Phu Quoc Island you need to decide if you want satellite TV and air-conditioning and all the creature comforts of the modern world, or do you want to go low-impact and green? It is worth remembering that the eco-friendly resorts are not necessarily the cheapest.

Grouped by stars, here are the most popular hotels and resorts on Phu Quoc Island:

5 star hotels 4 star hotels 3 star hotels 2 star hotels 1 or less star hotels Coming hotels

5 stars

Chen La Resort and Spa

Simple yet refined, Chen La Resort and Spa is probably the most beautiful place you can stay on Phu Quoc. It is not large, there are only 36 bungalows, and the rooms are misleadingly basic on first glance. Delve a little deeper, however, and you will find an elegance beneath the simplicity. The rattan furniture, the way the light streams in through the blinds of your bungalow in the morning, these things are priceless. It might not be obvious at first, but there is sophistication in the simplicity.

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4 stars

La Veranda Resort

Romance, luxury and beauty are the keynotes at La Veranda Resort (previously known as the Grand Mercure La Veranda and Spa). The resort is designed in a French colonial style, and its new name highlights the private balconies adjoining every room. The veranda is in fact the focal point of life at this resort, and it is the vantage-point from which you can watch the sun set over Long Beach into the Gulf of Thailand. Preferably with a glass of wine in your hand, as you stand with your partner at the railing. If you ever get tired of that you can go have a candle-lit dinner by the waves.

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Long Beach Ancient Village and Spa Resort

If you have the money, this is a luxurious place to spend your holiday. As its name suggests, this resort looks like a recreation of a 19th Century Vietnamese palace or an aristocratic retreat transplanted on to Phu Quoc’s Long Beach. There is plenty of beautifully textured wood here crafted into everything from beds to ceiling fans, and all the prompt service you would expect from a 4-star resort. The spa is the biggest on Phu Quoc, and is staffed with therapists from all over Asia.

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Sasco Blue Lagoon Resort

This resort really does look like a blue lagoon and is billed as "an island within an island". Of course the blue lagoon is not a natural lagoon, it is a swimming pool. But recline in your deckchair by the side of this pool and take in the view, and you could imagine that you are in the famous 1980s movie after which this resort is named.

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Saigon Phu Quoc Resort and Spa

This used to be the big resort on Phu Quoc Island, and enjoyed a monopoly on the high-end traveller market. Now there are glitzy new resorts opening all the time, but the Saigon-Phu Quoc hotel continues to deliver quality accommodation.

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3 stars

Cassia Cottage

They don’t call the bungalows at Cassia Cottage “bungalows”, they call them “plantation-style beach houses”. Similarly, the villas here are not plain old boring “villas”, they are “garden cottages”. It is from the cottages that this Long Beach resort gets its name. As well as the beach houses and cottages there is a swimming pool shaded by coconut trees, and a bar/restaurant just 10m from the sea.

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Charm Hotel

According to management this is not just a hotel but an entertainment complex with restaurant, shops and foot/back massage facilities. Keep the entertainment angle in mind in determining if Charm is right for you, because it seems this might be a place for the night owls and party animals. On top of that, it is not really on the beach and it doesn’t have a pool.

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Huong Bien Hotel

If you hanker to be in the heart of the action in Duong Dong, you can't get anymore central than this. Huong Bien Hotel is right near the night market on Vo Thi Sau Street, on the beach very close to the iconic Lang Ong Temple. It is a mere 300m to the Phu Quoc airport, meaning you could walk there if you were in the mood and your luggage wasn't too heavy. Some of the 50 guest rooms have views of the sea. This is the place on Phu Quoc for weddings, banquets, conventions, meetings, seminars or even product launches.

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Mai Spa and Resort

Envisaged and realized as a place of healing beneath the palms, Mai Spa and Resort deploys ancient therapies to combat modern stresses. This spa is a complete package to mend your mind, your body and your soul. Staying at this resort is kind of like going into rehab, and this might explain why there are no TVs in the rooms. From the moment you check in, you are in isolation mode. When you check out, you might well be a different person.

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Mango Bay

Perhaps the premier green resort on Phu Quoc, Mango Bay has no televisions or air-conditioning, scarce Internet and few telephones, making it ideal for a retreat from the stresses of modern life. At night there is nothing but the purr of the ocean and the occasional tinkling of cow-bells to disturb you.

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Thien Hai Son

Marble floors and high ceilings await you at the Thien Hai Son, a large resort on Phu Quoc’s main stretch of beach on Tran Hung Dao Street. This is a large resort, with some 150 rooms. While you are free just to lie on the beach, there is no shortage of activities here for the physically inclined.

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2 stars

Beach Club

This is one of those places you can escape the world while minimizing your impact on the environment. The Beach Club comprises six rooms and four bungalows built right on the beach. Both the rooms and bungalows are rustic and traditional but they do have hot water and fans. Who needs a blaring TV when you can watch the sun set into the ocean and fall asleep to the lull of the waves?

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Bo Resort

Eco-tourism is the current fad on Phu Quoc, and few hotels do it as well as Bo Resort, which is situated on Ong Lang Beach north of Duong Dong. Bungalows sit on stilts among the banana trees, and there is no hot water in the bathroom. All of the bungalows are private dwellings and are spaced at least 10m apart. You won't have to share your space with other people, although you might have to cohabit with the legions of lizards and swarms of insects which inhabit Phu Quoc. At least the lizards eat the insects.

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Hiep Thanh Resort

Backpackers tend to rave about the Hiep Thanh Hotel, where rooms can be snatched for as low as $25 a night (including breakfast). The bungalows and hotel rooms are decent and situated right on the beach only 2km from the island’s airport. Despite the low price, they all feature creature comforts such as satellite TV and air-conditioning.

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Kim Hoa Resort

This family run resort has rooms and bungalows equipped with satellite TV, air-conditioning, mini-bars and hot showers. There are 72 rooms and bungalows set in a quiet garden 1km from Duong Dong.

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Mai House Resort

First names mean so much on Phu Quoc. This is a place where you often know people only by their first names, be they your tour guides, squid fishing connections, or traveling companions. Named after the Vietnamese matriarch of the place, Mai House Resort is a collection of 20 thatched roof bungalows on Long Beach. This is Mai’s house, hence the name.

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Tropicana Resort

There is a lot of history to Tropicana, it is one of the oldest resorts on the island and it still does a good trade. There are 6 rooms and 9 bungalows here, set in a coconut forest on Long Beach. The rooms are more basic than the bungalows, with fans and no hot water. The bungalows are traditionally Vietnamese with thatched ceilings and rattan furniture, but they are fitted with all the mod-cons.

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1 or less stars


A small but utterly authentic eco-resort on Ong Lang Beach, with a chemical free garden and a friendly and communal vibe. The Vietnamese/Portuguese owners invite anyone to come here and do their yoga, practice their art, play their music or write their book. It is that kind of place, like a freedom loving Bohemian community in the middle of the jungle. This is one of the few places on the island where you will find a backpacker's dormitory.

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Lien Hiep Thanh

Not to be confused with the two-star Hiep Thanh Resort which is located on the same beach, Lien Hiep Thanh is popular for its cheap, simple bungalows. It is lovingly known as the Family Resort because of the Vietnamese family who run it, and because of its relaxed, friendly vibe.

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Other cheap hotels: Nhat Lan, Viet Thanh, Thanh Kieu, Mai Phuong Beach Resort, etc.

There are literally dozens of small hotels and resorts all over Phu Quoc offering ultra-budget accommodation. Although they are too numerous to mention them all, here are some of the cheapies you might find.

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Coming Developments

Eden Resort

By the looks of it, this place isn't even open yet, but it should be up and running soon. There were reports it was going to open after Tet in February 2010, but it apparently hasn’t happened. Once it opens it will become the latest jewel in the accommodation crown of Phu Quoc.

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Novotel Phu Quoc

Another one of those hotels on Phu Quoc which are not quite open yet, but which promise to make quite a splash when they do. Offering 200 rooms on the beachfront near the Grand Mercure, Novotel Phu Quoc is due to be open by the end of 2010. From the plans it seems it will be a tastefully minimalistic affair.

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